Proper Care


There are many cleaners on the market today that promise to clean your floors the best.  We have found that most all of these cleaners tend to leave a cloudy film on the floor that can build up over time.  Our recommendation is to vaccumm frequently and to damp mop as needed.  When damp mopping, mix water with a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap (or a splash of vinegar).  Never use oil soaps, multi-surface cleaners, or wax on your floor.

Other Helpful Hints:

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Using a damp paper towel or cloth towel wipe up all spills as soon as possible.

Use Mats at Outside Entrances

Small stones, mud and gritty dirt tracked in from outside can wear down your finish. To help combat this, use door mats placed at all outside entrances to keep dirt and moisture from being tracked in.

Use Area Rugs Inside of Entrances

Area rugs can be placed inside doors and high traffic areas for added protection. The rugs should be slip resistant with backing that will not discolor or scratch your floor. Putting a small rug in front of the kitchen sink is a good idea, as well.

Use Cushioned Glides on Furniture

Furniture can scratch and dent hardwood floors. Any furniture that rests directly on top of a hardwood floor should have cushioned protectors under all the feet.

Avoid Oil Soaps or Wax

There are many oil-based soaps and wax-based cleaning products that may damage or dull the finish of your wood floor.  Also we may not be able to recoat your floor if you have waxed it.  If your polyurethane finished floor has been waxed, it would need to be resanded.

Lift Furniture to Move It

Avoid dragging furniture on your floor.  If you must drag something accross the floor put a blanket under it to prevent scratching.

Avoid Shoe Marks

The biggest cause of floor damage is what is on one’s feet. Make sure your shoes are not exceedingly dirty; be cautious of walking in high heels, sports shoes, or cleats across hardwood.

Watch Your Pets

Keep your pets nails trimmed so they do not scratch up the hardwood, It is also recommend that your pet’s dishes sit on a nonslip rubber mat to keep food and water off the floor.

Be Careful with Potted Plants

Use caution when watering plants.  It is a good idea to have something to catch excess water flowing from the bottom of the pot.